Who We are

Serving the communities of Durham and Chapel Hill, the Relationships Ed. program offers a curriculum intended to align with middle school and high school health classes.

Our Curriculum

The curriculum focuses on encouraging young people to form sustainable relationships by exploring what is healthy, unhealthy, and abusive.

All statistics and research are cited from credible organizations, including but not limited to: The Center for Disease Control, The American Psychological Association, The American College of Pediatrics, and The Medical Institute for Sexual Health.

Our Partners

Parents and teachers are encouraged to follow-up with their students and discuss class activities.

Relationships Ed. has a presence in the local community through schools, community organizations, youth groups, and college campuses. We also partner with the Durham County Health Department to facilitate STD Testing.

Our Approach

Middle School and High School Presentations include:

  • Healthy & Unhealthy/Abusive Relationships
  • Media & Cultural Influences
  • Decision Making & Boundaries in Relationships
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections (STDs/STIs)
  • Emotional & Psychological Effects of Sexual Activity
  • Practical Life Application through Interactive Activities

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Maurice Wilson, Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialist
Community Education Coordinator

919-490-0203 or info@relationshipsed.org