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If you are interested in learning more about the Relationships Ed. curriculum and presentations or have questions about scheduling, please contact us at info@relationshipsed.org or 919-490-0203.


"I learned all about relationships. I learned what a healthy relationship, unhealthy relationship, and abusive relationship looks like, and how to avoid what is bad."
-- Student

"Topics presented included information on STI/STDs, the resources PSS has to offer, and the emotional and physiological aspects of sex outside of marriage. The presentations are very informative and spot on; which teenagers need to hear as far as prevention from pregnancy and STD/STI transmission. Due to teenagers' thought process, they cannot make good decisions on the emotional and physiological side of relationships. They are challenged during the presentation."
-- High School Teacher

"The presentation with my classes was very professional, and very relatable to them as teenagers. There was no “dumbing down” with them. They understood the seriousness of their decision related to their sexuality and relationships. I personally enjoyed the psychological aspects of one’s behavior and the impact it has in our lives."
-- High School Teacher